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Kashmiri Chicken Kofta

Cooking time : 25 Minutes

Ingredients :
Chicken mince 250g (We ordered ours from FRESHPICK),
Salt 2 tsp + more to taste ,
Fennel powder 1 tsp,
Dry ginger powder 1 tsp,
Flour 2 tbsp,
Oil 2 tbsp,
Asafoetida 1/4 tsp ,
Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp ,
Chilli powder 1 tsp ,
Yoghurt1 cup,
Sugar 1/2 tsp ,
Green cardamom powder a pinch .

Directions :
  • In a bowl, marinate the mince with 1 tsp of salt, fennel powder and ginger powder. Leave it aside for 10 minutes.In the meantime, bring 8 cups of water to a boil in deep saucepan. Mix the flour into the mince and shape into balls.
  • Carefully place these into the water, reduce the flame and let it simmer for 4-5 minutes . Remove and keep aside. Reserve one cup of the poaching liquid for later.
  • In a pan, heat the oil, asafetida, cumin and red chilli powder together and ensure that it does not burn. Keep the flame on medium low. Add the cup of water and bring it up to a rolling boil.
  • In the meantime, beat the yoghurt till it's smooth. Stir this into the pan. It will start to curdle. Don’t worry. Let it simmer till it starts to thicken. Adjust salt as per taste and add the sugar.
  • Add in the meatballs and cook till it reaches a coating consistency and the oil starts to separate.
  • Finish with a sprinkle of freshly pounder cardamom powder and serve along with rice or rotis.